NT Server Hardware Specifications

These are purely a starting point, and should not be considered the final word. Some additional items will be added for Small Business Server.


  1. Intel Pentium family CPU (Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II)
  2. Maximum number of PCI slots

  1. 32mb RAM minimum, 64-128mb preferred
  2. EDO or ECC preferred

bulletDisk System
  1. Adaptec AHA-2940UW Wide UltraSCSI controllers
  2. Seagate Wide UltraSCSI hard drives
    1. 8x speed OK
    2. El Torrito compatible (system bootable)
  4. Tape Backup
    1. SCSI 4mm DAT Mechanism (Seagate, H-P)
    2. 2-8Gb options (consider media $ as well)

  1. 3Com 3C905 Fast Ethernet adapter (10/100Mbs)

bulletCase & environmental
  1. Tower case preferred (mid-full)
  2. Large P/S (300 Watt or better)
  3. American Power UPS (420VA or better)
  4. "nice to have"
    1. specialty case (especially for drive bays & cooling, i.e. CD farm)
    2. screwless access to components
    3. additional cooling w/ monitoring & alarm
    4. redundant power supply

  1. PCI Video adapter
  2. 15" digital monitor

  1. 33.6k-56k modems or ISDN (for RAS support)
  2. CSU/DSU for leased lines up to T-1
  3. additional RAM
  4. additional hard disks
  5. additional CD-ROMs
  6. additional print server ports

bulletWindows NT Server
  1. 5 user entry level
  2. Add users by individual or multiples
  3. Bundled w/ IIS & FrontPage (built-in Web or Intranet service)

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