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The little device you see to the right has changed my life. If you have a busy schedule with a lot of details, this little handheld computer can swallow all you can feed it and give it back when you need it. It's called the Palm III, for some general info vist the Palm Homepage

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Mine has become a replacement for my Day-Timer and all those little scraps of Post-It Notes. Anything I have to remember, or will ever need to reference again later, gets entered. You write using something called Graffiti (a slightly modified alphabet) in the little box at the bottom of the screen. Your handwriting is entered as text on the display. On a good day, I can write about as fast as I can type -- of course, that's not saying a lot...

As a self-employed consultant I need to document my work and travel rather closely. All my appointments and engagements are recorded and synchronized with my PC daily, just drop it into a cradle and push one button. The data feeds into my QuickBooks billing & accounting software via an export file. It works better than any other scheme I've tried, and I've tried a lot.

My Palm III maintains all the following:

bulletAddress Book - several hundred entries, and still very fast
bulletAppointment Calendar -- business & personal, with reminder alarms
bulletTo Do Lists -- one list per client, calls to make, HOT! items, etc.
bulletMemo Pads -- categorized notes on current projects & reference material
bulletNumerous web pages designed for PalmPilot off-line reading using AvantGo including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, InfoWorld, Letterman's Top Ten, I,  Cringely and lots more. There is a desktop application that configures subscriptions and HotSync's the data to the Palm. Amazing product, highly recommended.
bulletMap Blast a website for creating maps viewable on the Palm
bulletTime Tracking -- TimeReporter from Iambic, uses a time sheet metaphor
bulletExpense Tracking -- Expense Reporter from Iambic used mostly to track mileage (gotta keep the IRS happy)
bulletPOP3 E-mail -- Handstamp from SmartCode directly to my ISP via clip-on modem
bulletBrainForest -- I'd go crazy without an outliner, now I don't have to wait 'til I get home
bulletKarKare -- tracks miles-per-gallon and reminds me of oil changes etc.
bulletJShopper by Land-J Technologies -- shopping lists for 15 stores, really slick. Fixes the part of my brain that forgets stuff until at the checkout with five people behind me.
bulletDOC -- a program to read large chunks of stored text. I have a dozen or so favorite short stories by Jack London, Hemingway, James Thurber, O. Henry and others stored and frequently change the selection. It amazes me the amount of full-text literature that is present on the Internet. Try MemoWare, The PalmPilot Library, BookMobile or The Lending Library
bulletNumerous Games -- a computer without at least one game feels empty...
bulletPuma Technology has software that can HotSync the data from lots of products directly into the Palm, take a look.
Mobile Computing and Communications


Software Archives, etc.

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The PalmPilot Web Ring
A nice jumping-off point -- dive in and see...
Pilot Gear HQ
One of the best Pilot sites I've found. I almost always find what I need here.
The Pilot Atlas
Your Roadmap to the Best of the PalmPilot on the Web
PDA Central
One of the newer sites
Pilot Zone
Good Software Archive
The Pickled Pilot
Very extensive site
Ray's PalmCentral
Thousands of archived Palm software
A new site -- I haven't figured out what is here yet
Palm Planet
Pretty neat site
PalmPilot World
Take a look
PenComputing Magazine
Nice layout and info
The Gadgeteer
If you have general interest in handheld computers and gadgets, don't miss this one
Digital Concepts
Prototypes of PalmPilot 2001c, Electra, Communica, and Exec [farfetched? -- I think not!]

Palmtop Newsgroups

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This is the newest and is devoted to the Pilot. My news provider doesn't carry it yet, or I have the address wrong (maybe it doesn't have the alt. prefix) or something...
Probably the busiest of the handheld computing newsgroups.

Online Zines

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Pen Computing
Fascinating reading, good reviews, archive of past issues. Available in print also.
Mobile Computing
mobilis: the mobile magazine
Welcome to Volksware, Inc.
Portability! Online


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PDA Panache
Lots of styli for the PalmPilots and other handhelds
Pilot Pen
Some pretty slick styli [hint: not your 49 cent pen]
Mobile Office Outfitter
Source for some unique items such as auto seat desks, and laptop steering wheel clips.
Mobile Planet
Wide range of products
Road Warrior Outpost
The name says it all...
Iambic Software
Home of TimeReporter & ExpenseReporter software.
Puma Technology
Nice sync software
PDA Direct, Inc. - Your One Stop PDA Shop!
Direct Mobile USA
PDA Page - price comparison
CDW Computer Discount Warehouse
ELEK-TEK PDA's and Organizers
Intellilink Corporation
Markets software to syncronize with popular PIMs, e.g. Schedule+, Sidekick
CompUSA Online for Personal Computing
Mindwell's Pilot Apps
DaggerWare Home Page
Direct Mobile Pilot Stuff

Wireless, ARDIS, RAM etc.

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Cellular, Paging and Other Remote Comm Stuff
Totally Wireless Home Page
RadioMail Corporation Home Page
The ARDIS Coverage Atlas
CompInfo - Mobile and Wireless Computing - Information Sources and Manufacturers
Mobile & Wireless Computing
Wireless Providers, Services, & Products
Wireless Providers, Services, & Products
Introduction to ARDIS

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