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This is a section devoted to my tools, gadgets and toys... I'm afraid it is quite out of date. The Pentium-90 has become the kid's computer and several Pentium-II 400Mhz machines have moved in. I'll be sure and update this page real-soon-now.


bulletZEOS Pantera-90 -- Intel Pentium-90
bulletFull Tower Case, 8 Bay, 300W Power Supply
bullet3.5", 1.44 MB, Teac
bullet1GB Western Digital WD-3100AC
bullet1GB Seagate ST-31123
bulletIomega Ditto-800 Tape Drive (400mb native)
bulletIomega Zip-100 Removable Cartridge Drive (on EPP parallel port)
bullet4x ATAPI CD
bulletDiamond Stealth-64 2MB VRAM PCI Video
bulletNokia 447X 17in .25dp 1280X1024NI (1600x1200 max)
bulletCreative Labs 16-bit sound card
bulletLabtec LCS-800 Shielded Computer Speakers, 5Watts W/PS
bulletMotorola Surfboard Cable Modem
bulletU. S. Robotics Sportster 28800 Data/Fax, External
bulletMouse/Trackball/Cirque GlidePoint
bulletLogitech Deluxe PS/2 Mouseman
bulletHewlett-Packard ScanJet4c Scanner
bulletPlay Snappy Video Capture Device 1500x1150 dpi - amazing!
bulletHewlett-Packard LaserJet 4L
bulletHewlett-Packard DeskJet 660c
bulletWindows95 w/ Plus! Extensions
bulletMicrohelp PowerDesk

Network Server etc.

bulletNorthgate 386/20 running Netware 3.12-5 user
bullet8mb RAM
bulletAdaptec AHA-1542c SCSI controller
bullet1GB Seagate ST-31xxxxN HD
bulletAddtron NE-2000 compatible NIC
bulletMaxTech 8 port 10Base-T concentrator
bulletHewlett-Packard DeskJet 500
bulletEpson FX-85 (label stock only)

Remote Access Server

bulletZenith 386/16
bullet8mb RAM
bulletAddtron NE-2000 compatible NIC
bulletPractical Peripherals 14.4k modem
bulletpcAnywhere for DOS v5.0

Digital Assistant - "Never leave home without it..."

bulletPalmPilot Professional, described on the PDA pages
bulletClip-on modem - runs on 2 AAA batteries, good life
bulletDeluxe Leather case with slots for credit cards & small notepad

Notebook PC & Mobile Kit

bulletToshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS w/ 32mb RAM & 1.2Gb HD
bulletMegahertz 33.6k modem/Combo Ethernet PC Card, cellular cable to phone
bulletToshiba T3300SL 386sl/25 w/ 8mb RAM, 120mb HD
bulletXircom Parallel port NIC
bulletMegahertz 9600 baud data/fax modem
bulletIomega Zip-100 Removable Cartridge Drive
bulletIomega Ditto-800 Parallel

Mobile Communications

bulletNEC Bag Phone (semi-permanently mounted in car)
bulletMotorola Micro-TAC Lite II -- Data capable via PC Card modem in notebook
bulletNEC P-700 Portable Cellular Phone
bulletMotorola Advisor Alpha-Numeric Pager w/ Internet POP3 mail account
bulletAvenger Software -- checks my Internet mailboxes once an hour and forwards mail to my pager account. Neat Stuff.
bulletMotorola Bravo+ numeric pager

Telephone Equipment & Accessories

bulletPanasonic KBT-3180 2 line speakerphone
bulletPanasonic KXF-250 Fax Machine
bulletCommand Communications Ring Director RD-4000 (distinctive ringing)
bulletTropez Platinum 900Mhz 2-line cordless
bulletHello Direct Headset Pro

Home Automation

bulletJDS Time Commander Plus with Event Manager v1.08 software
bullet25 Remote Dimmer Switches WS-467
bullet7 Plug-In remote dimmer modules
bullet3 Plug-in remote appliance modules
bullet2 Passive Infrared (PIR) with twin floodlights
bullet4 desk/table mini-controllers (scene controls)
bullet2 One-for-All 8 remote controls (TV/VCR/Theatre/Lights)

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